BECOME a volunteer!

Are you looking to do something that is satisfying and of great service to your community? What is more enriching, both personally and professionally, than working with youth and building responsible adults? For its 2019 camp, the African Youth Mentorship Network is looking for a wide range of dynamic, committed and passionate volunteers in South Africa for short- and long-term positions. You are 18 and beyond and you want to make a difference? Get involved!

The cascade effect

Not only will our volunteers make a difference to a good cause by contributing towards building responsible and independent adults, but they will also achieve career benefits from volunteering and make a difference in the way they educate their own brothers, sisters and children.

Impacting the future

Volunteering with AYMN will help foster community development and success since our volunteers will serve as role models, participating in the activities of the camp, influencing the opinions and behaviors of the next generation of leaders.

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What are my responsibilities as a volunteer?

  • Work as agreed in the volunteer role description and perform the role to the best of my ability;
  • Follow AYMN’s volunteer policies and procedures, including health and safety, and equality and diversity in relation to its mentors, beneficiaries, volunteers and anybody they work with;
  • Maintain the confidentiality of the Network and of its beneficiaries.


What are my next steps?

1. Download the volunteer application form

2. Email it back to

3. Wait for us to get back to you about your application


A big thank you to our partners!

Our Goal

The African Youth Mentorship Network (AYMN) aims to inspire, develop and empower African youth through education and mentorship programmes. Our goal is to build emotionally intelligent, socially responsible and self-confident citizens.


The African Youth Mentorship Network (AYMN) is a registered Association in accordance with Articles 60 to 79 of the Swiss Civil Code.