BECOME a mentor!

Have you made the decision to engage in a mentoring programme? If so, AYMN is the right Network to partner with. Join us and inspire our youth become emotionally intelligent, socially responsible and self-confident individuals capable of making meaningful contributions to their communities!  We are looking for 30 engaged mentors to implement our 2018 curriculum in Johannesburg, South Africa.

What will be my responsibilities as a mentor?

  • Participate in all ongoing training sessions provided;
  • Conduct group training sessions and pay attention to participants’ life plans;
  • Make at least a 6-year commitment to one participant (mentee);
  • Connect with mentee at least twice a month;
  • Participate in service or group mentoring activities;
  • Communicate as required with Mentoring Coordinator and Network’s co-founders;
  • Provide all needed information and data for programme evaluation.

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What are my next steps?

1. Download the mentor application form and fill it out

2. Email it back to

3. Wait for us to get back to you about your application

A big thank you to our partners!

Our Goal

The African Youth Mentorship Network (AYMN) aims to inspire, develop and empower African youth through education and mentorship programmes. Our goal is to build emotionally intelligent, socially responsible and self-confident citizens.


The African Youth Mentorship Network (AYMN) is a registered Association in accordance with Articles 60 to 79 of the Swiss Civil Code.