Why partner with AYMN?

Apart from contributing to the overall objectives of AYMN and BECOME, partnering with AYMN not only offers unique brand visibility but also opportunities to interact with like-minded individuals building synergies over mutually beneficial interests.

Brand Recognition

Now more than ever, customers are concerned by what companies care about. What better way to connect with them than by partnering with the AYMN through BECOME and know that your brand is making a difference in building better communities through a mentorship programme.

Invest in tomorrow

Over time we envisage designing similar programmes for girls and young women. This represents an opportunity to connect with Africa’s biggest human resource through a continental platform such as AYMN.

Employee engagement

Employees, like customers, continually seek to identify themselves with causes that matter the most to them. Partnering with AYMN will offer opportunities of better engagement between the company and its employees which can increase employee retention and satisfaction.

Tackle Sustainable Development Goals in a unique way

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) present businesses with a unique opportunity to have an impact in areas that drive long-term sustainable business growth, while addressing some of today’s most pressing challenges. BECOME is a creative avenue for effecting change through mentorship and becomes an advocacy tool to draw action to the SDGs.

Are you ready to partner with AYMN?

From direct financial support to providing goods and services, there are many ways to contribute. AYMN is seeking global and local partners too.
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Our Goal

The African Youth Mentorship Network (AYMN) aims to inspire, develop and empower African youth through education and mentorship programmes. Our goal is to build emotionally intelligent, socially responsible and self-confident citizens.


The African Youth Mentorship Network (AYMN) is a registered Association in accordance with Articles 60 to 79 of the Swiss Civil Code.